Gabriel and Maria (Bundle)

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Get both avatars - Gabriel and Maria - in a convenient bundle, at a discount!

Features for both avatars:

👁️ Custom stained glass wings and accessories

👁️ Angel follower with adjustable position

👁️ Accessories perfect for dancers

👁️ Pull out your heart and turn it into a springjoint*

👁️ Lots of different colors, skin tones and customisation

👁️ DPS compatible*

👁️ Invisibility dissolve*

👁️ Eye pokes, boop and headpat particles*

👁️ GREEN Optimized version included

👁️ FBT ready, with Gogo Loco setup

👁️ Stained glass light effects

👁️ Phys bones and colliders in all the right places

👁️ Full inventory system, with Dissolves

* Marked features are PC only

Gesture instructions:

The position of the follower is physbone based, and his placement can be changed by grabbing him, and set in place by pulling your trigger while holding him.

Disco mode will turn on automatic hue shift for the glow of the hair.

To pull out your heart, make a fist gesture with either hand upon your chest, and pull the trigger. From here, make an open hand gesture to place it in the world or a point gesture to turn it into a springjoint. The springjoint can be controlled with a finger point from either hand, and returned to the hand by making a fist gesture and pulling the trigger.

At any point, the heart can be returned to the heart cavity either by making a point gesture with your right hand and a finger gun gesture with your left, or by placing it in the world and then eating it.

Please note that the heart position may not always be synced due to the nature of the VRChat IK. If you suspect that the heart may be out of sync, make a point gesture with your right hand and a finger gun gesture with your left to re-sync with those around you.

The glass shader uses Grabpass Transparency, which is beautiful but performance costly. If you find that the avatar is impacting the performance of yourself or others, you can turn off Grabpass with the "optimize glass" toggle.

For Maria:

Others can adjust the tightness of your corset by grabbing both laces in the back and pulling. The corset will stay as tight as they adjust it to. You can override this adjustment with the manual cinch radial puppet, or turn off the interaction entirely with the "allow others" toggle.

For Gabriel:

When the sword is activated, you can spin in into a particle shield by making a finger point gesture, or throw it by making an open hand gesture. The sword will fly in the direction you are looking. Keep your hand open until the sword has fully made it back to your hand for best results.

These effects work with both left and right hand; you can switch by using the hand swap toggle in the sword menu.

To pick up the mask from any position, make a fist gesture with either hand on the mask and pull the trigger. To let go of it, do an open hand gesture. You can place it on your face, on the hip, or in the air. The breathing light particles will stop, unless either you or someone else has the mask placed on their face.

For further questions and support, feel free to join my discord!

Before purchasing, please ensure that you have:

Unity 2022.3.6f1

VRChat Creator Companion (VCC, VRChat website)

Poiyomi Toon 8.1.166 or Poiyomi Pro 8.2.030 (Required for Gabriels DPS)

Additionally, please have basic knowledge of how to upload an avatar to VRChat.

PC upload Instructions:

1. Create a new Unity Avatar project using VCC

2. Import Poiyomi 8 (Pro if you want DPS)

3. Import the Maria/Gabriel PC Avatar Package

4. Open the "Maria/Gabriel" scene in "Assets"

Ready to upload!

Quest upload instructions:

1. Create a new Unity Avatar project using VCC

2. Import the Maria/Gabriel Quest Avatar Package

3. Open the "Maria/Gabriel" scene in "Assets"

4. Remember to Copy/paste the blueprint ID from your PC upload to this one, for the fallback to sync

Ready to upload!

By purchasing this product, you agree to the following terms:

You are not allowed to:

★ Distribute the avatar or parts of the avatar and assets to others

★ Publish the avatar as a public model on VRChat

★ Claim the avatar or assets as your own

★ Price split the avatar package

★ Upload the avatar to more than one individuals vrchat account

★ Re-sell the avatar or its parts in its original or edited state

★ Rip parts of the model for use on other projects

You are allowed to:

★ Use the avatar for streaming or creating content, provided credit for the model is given

★ Make edits of the avatar for personal use


Due to the nature of digital files, refunds are not provided

The stats shown in the graphics above may change slightly as the avatar is updated

By purchasing, you confirm that you are 18 years or older

Parts of the model may not function as intended at extreme scale settings


Thank you to the incredibly talented Biocall, DaxRifai, MD5Visual and clikk#6571 for helping me capture the very best sides of my avatar!

Thank you to LtCosmos and Aerdaple for going out of their way to capture even more beautiful shots of Gabriel and Maria for me to show off!

I am beyond grateful for the help and support from all of you ♥

All assets used on this avatar have been edited by me, but the original assets can be found here:


Head - Sugs#9795 | Wings - Gell3D | Small wings - YamuVR | Ponytail - jinAtonic#5724 | Boxers - jinAtonic#5724 | Body - Misty#5555 | Hair - minkiBoots - mori_unofficial | Chains - lod. | Shirt - Q.#1412 | Rose - James | Halo - moonlight peach#3252 | Mask - JorgenVRC | Heart - Talaei | Small sword - MoBubbler | Large sword - joanlahots | Sword logic - zepwlert | Gogo Loco - Franada | Icons - awmi#6003 | DPS setup - fluff#5265 | Jacket - Vinuzhka | Skin texture - Delorblause#8842 | PP - Sugs#9795 | Pants - mori_unofficial | follower and glass - lilmisspasta | Sword SFX - Aerdaple


Head - Cicieaaa#7777 | Wings - Gell3D | Body - Ragga#3124 | Hair - aapatheticx#3548Heels - TheThiccwitch#2396 | Chains - lod. | Rose - James | Halo - moonlight peach#3252 | Lace - Kaia_Kasumi#5394 | Heart - Talaei | Sword - MoBubbler | Choker - jin#0112 and glitch#0112 | Corset - Floatharr | Gogo Loco - Franada | Icons - awmi#6003 | DPS setup - fluff#5265 | DPS - Raliv |  Veil - Noxstella | Train, fans and follower - Lil Miss Pasta#1998

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Gabriel and Maria (Bundle)

4 ratings
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